Volunteer Recognition and Pdus



There is no “I” in team – and we couldn’t do it without you….

We appreciate all of the effort that our volunteers put in to make our Chapter a success and realise that part of every good volunteer management program is recognition and rewards for our volunteers. This may be in the form of small tokens of appreciation, choosing a volunteer of the quarter (or the year), or arranging an annual volunteer recognition event.

Whatever the format we choose – please realise that you – our volunteers – are always “top of mind”. There are many different ways that you can get recognition or rewards for your service.Member and Volunteer benefits include:

  • First option for Core Volunteer Roles and “newly advertised assignments” –we will endeavour to send “targeted” volunteer opportunities to members first, using “targeted” (below the line) communications – this includes the use of PMI VRMS, and so we encourage you log-on regularly and keep you profile updated
  • We will customise our members-first communications based on your profile and interests – the volunteer team will send you regular volunteer opportunities, tailored to your areas of your interest, and built on your profile.
  • The Chapter will include member discounts for volunteers based on the “Niche Segmentation” model – e.g. bigger discounts for members vs. non-members and more Value-added services for long-standing members and volunteers;
  • Volunteer recognition will be communicated throughout the year to ensure that the benefits of “volunteerism” / giving back are highlighted to our members and volunteers including:
    • Claiming volunteer PDUs (in the “giving back category)
    • Career development opportunities (linked to volunteer tasks and roles)
    • Membership benefits (linked to Volunteer roles – and how you can become eligible for a Leadership position
    • Alignment to the PMI Global volunteer recognition program (e.g. Awards Program for Chapter Leaders; Awards Program for Chapter Volunteers)
    • Eligibility for Travel to LIM and International Conferences
    • Recognition and references with your employer