Academic Outreach

The Academic Outreach Portfolio is responsible for the liaison with academic institutions regarding promotion of project management and awareness of PMI South Africa Chapter.

The Academic Outreach Portfolio is tasked with establishing connections and fostering collaboration with academic institutions to promote project management and raise awareness of the PMI South Africa Chapter. We focus on several key areas of cooperation with universities:

  1. Project Management Research: We actively engage in supporting and promoting project management research conducted by academic institutions. This involves collaborating with universities to encourage research projects, sharing knowledge and insights, and facilitating the dissemination of research findings within the project management community.
  2. Student Mentoring: We recognize the importance of guiding and mentoring students in their journey to become future project management professionals. Through partnerships with universities, we provide mentoring programs, internships, and industry insights to students interested in project management. We aim to bridge the gap between academia and industry, helping students develop practical skills and knowledge.
  3. Social Impact: We believe in the power of project management to drive positive change in society. By collaborating with universities, we work towards projects and initiatives that have a social impact. This includes supporting community development projects, sustainable initiatives, and other socially responsible endeavors that align with our mission.
  4. Professional Development: We understand the value of continuous learning and professional growth. In collaboration with universities, we strive to offer opportunities for professionals to enhance their project management skills and knowledge. This may include guest lectures, workshops, training programs, and industry events that contribute to the professional development of both students and professionals.

By focusing on these key areas of cooperation, we aim to strengthen the relationship between the PMI South Africa Chapter and academic institutions, ultimately promoting project management excellence and fostering a robust project management community.