Cluster Engagement

PMI South Africa Chapter

Cluster Engagement

Turn Change Into Action


A Cluster is a new way of engaging our members through smaller geographic clusters that will enable in-person networking, communication, and knowledge exchange from where you live when it is safe to do so. It is a platform that powers social good by helping advocates and creators turn their influence into action.

A Cluster unites Individuals, Influencers, and Brands to learn, engage and co-create for professional and community development and to simplify volunteerism for positive change in their communities and the world at large.

We want YOU to help us make a difference! Whether you are organizing talks and events or you are picking up trash in your own town or donating funds to orphanages,    your participation matters.

When you join a Cluster, you’re not just finding local volunteering opportunities; you’re connecting yourself to a community of like-minded individuals and change-makers.


Leverage and expand your social networks to inspire others to aid in the project management community-building cause or motivate to take action for causes others are passionate about.

Opportunity To Give Back

Find w ys to help better your community t your sp re time OR find other volunteers to help you out.

Connect & Earn

Earn PDUs and make long life friends in your area that within 15-20km care about the things you care about


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