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Community Outreach

PMI Home of Hope - Social Impact Project

In May 2020 PMI South Africa Chapter adopted Home of Hope for Girls as our social impact project going forward

(Go to for more information). 

The home is a shelter for 78 girls from the age of 5 years old through to adulthood, and provides support to those who have

lost parents, suffered abuse and been victims of child trafficking. The girls are assisted with education from primary school level

through to tertiary level.

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PMI South Africa Chapter has chosen this home to give back to our local community and in support of the United Nations 17

Sustainable Development Goals


·         Goal 1: End poverty in all its forms

·         Goal 2: Zero Hunger

·         Goal 3: Health

·         Goal 4: Education

·         Goal 5: Gender equality and women’s empowerment

·         Goal 6: Water and Sanitation

·         Goal 7: Energy

·         Goal 8: Economic Growth

·         Goal 9: Infrastructure, industrialization

·         Goal 10: Inequality

·         Goal 11: Cities

·         Goal 12: Sustainable consumption and production

·         Goal 13: Climate Change

·         Goal 14: Oceans

·         Goal 15: Biodiversity, forests, desertification

·         Goal 16: Peace, justice and strong institutions

·         Goal 17: Partnerships




The PMI South Africa Chapter Volunteer team is led by Corle Greyling with support from Thesen Naraisamy, Ulrike Zampieri

and Michelle Mayer.



Our first initiative was a Book Drive Project, which supports Goal 4 of the UN Development Goal:Quality Education. The PMI South Africa chapter strongly believes that quality education is the foundation to improving people’s lives and sustainable development. We aim to encourage girls to read at an early age to stimulate their minds, to allow them to have exposure to new knowledge to better equip themselves to tackle any challenge they may face in their future.

Reading will expand their vocabulary and allow them to have better writing skills and improve their memory while expanding their


PMI South Africa Chapter is planning to collaborate with the Home of Hope for Girls in several ways: 

  • Soft Skills Training
  • Project Management Training (Using the PMI world-renowned PMIEF Materials)
  • Stationery Kits
  • School Shoes Drive
  • Sanitary Pads
  • Toiletry Kits
  • Tablets/Laptops
  • Toys/Puzzles/Board Games


Together we can achieve more.


The PMI Social Impact Project Team wishes to invite anyone to support this initiative by contacting the VP Social Impact/PMIEF


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