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Dr. Lynn Keeys

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Dr. Lynn Keeys

Project Management Professional - PMI Academic Insight Team

About HDr. Lynn Keeys

Dr. Lynn A. Keeys is a member of PMI's Academic Insight Team and the immediate past President of the PMI South Africa Chapter. 

A PMP and PMI member since 2005, she has been a committed volunteer with the PMI South Africa Chapter since 2012.  Dr. Keeys has traveled, live, or worked in 50 countries, and is a global thinker and pracademic with over 30 years combined practitioner and academic experience in strategy, project management, international development, and sustainability.  She believes that sustainability must now also consider the interaction and impact of Artificial Intelligent systems.  She is an adjunct professor of Project Management for Competitive Advantage at SKEMA Business School in Paris. 

Dr. Keeys is passionate about project management's strategic and innovative nature, the growth of the profession, and and service provision to members and stakeholders through positive organizational and societal impact.