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Are you a PMI South Africa Chapter member?

PMI South Africa members can take advantage of being invited to regular events, conferences and other activities in all of the main South African city centres and can earn PDU’s for attending such events.

Are you a member of another PMI Chapter?

Great news for PMI members from anywhere in the world: You can also attend the same great PMI South Africa events, conferences and activities, and claim your PDU’s for doing so!

Why become a member of the PMI South Africa Chapter?

In a word, dedication. PMI and Chapter membership signifies that you’re serious about your project management career and your professional development. It highlights this dedication to employers, colleagues and stakeholders, giving you an edge in the job market. It also provides you with access to valuable knowledge, networks and resources that help you improve and advance. To become a member of the Chapter, you should firstly be a member of PMI and pay annual dues in US Dollars. Why would you do that? Not only is PMI the leading professional project management association in the world, but its body of knowledge is the most sought standards for PM in the world. Similarly, they are the portal to PM knowledge more than through any other source available globally. Well, if you then are working on registering as an internationally accredited Project Manager (PMP) through PMI, the discount in exam fees already pays for your first year of membership. It is therefore a no-brainer if you have already decided to become a PMP or one of the other excellent registrations via PMI. Then we have to decide why also a member of the local Chapter?

(1) First

The same transaction for the annual membership can include the Chapter fee. It is therefore not seen as a separate membership for people getting only one or two memberships paid by their employer.

(2) Second

To retain your PMP, you need to acquire pdu’s and one of the Chapter’s main drives is not only to give you opportunity to acquire these cheap or free, but also of the right types, because the new system focus on the Project Management Talent Triangle including Leadership, Strategy and Business Management, as well as the PM Technical skills.

(3) Third

The Chapter provides leadership and volunteer opportunities through which you not only gain PDUs, but get to know your peers better and also expose you to other industries as the one you are employed in. One notable volunteer opportunity is to become a mentor of young PM’s.

(4) Fourth

Attendance of monthly membership meetings and annual or bi-annual conferences also gives not only pdu’s, but also updates you on the latest local and international thinking about PM matters. There are also opportunities to present papers and lead workshops.

Some PM’s complain about value for money towards Chapter dues. Well, the South Africa Chapter has one of the lower local chapter dues in the world and the general fee in Africa. $30 (R450) per annum. Compared to other local institutes and associations SACPCMP R2500, SA Engineering Council R2500, PMSA R1250. Then you may compare “But the whole PMI package is $120 (R1,860). Remember you are comparing two memberships against one! and as far as international and local memberships go and the value that can be gained, this is still competitive. Some other industry international memberships are in the R6,000’s. There are discounts for retirees with 5 years good standing. There are subsidised fees for Volunteers who contributed to leadership over many years. There are student fees. The way the Chapter functions, means all activities are run by volunteers. That way maximum value can be gained for those willing to volunteer. For instance, the leadership gets substantial travel support to attend one of the two LIM’s (Leadership Institute Meetings) in the USA or AFRICA/EUROPE. One of our leaders just recently attended one in Barcelona, Spain. Giving lectures on PMBOK or any other worthy subject, hones your presentation skills.

Arranging events gives good exposure to the event management, these days a professional skill for many PM’s. Doing marketing or fundraising, is for many PM’s a welcome relief from their normal career duties. Compiling the newsletter or updating the web page or other media pages gives opportunity to hone skills you can use in your career. Some people meet their new employers or partners at the Chapter activities. Volunteering is seen by many as a further time thief in their already overloaded day. We therefore try to minimise the time required for the awarded tasks and make it as far as possible easy to be done from home. These last two years the the Chapter has had to deal with a zero growth economy, far distances to nearest branches, increasing traffic, PM’s facing lay-offs, preparations for emigrations and many other threats and internal weaknesses. Yet, you will find that exposure to the thoughts and ideas of other PM members will assist you to think more clearly about your career and to become more resilient to the daily stresses of a PM.

For the younger PM’s the Chapter has introduced a mentorship program and an excellent response was received on the offering. We therefore ask that you take notice of the above statements and talk to your other PM friends and join the Chapter and become involved.

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